Wet swimsuits can be a real problem for both swimmers and pool/spa facilities, but no more thanks to the SuitSpin swimwear dryer.

These machines help to ensure pool water does not damage your facility by keeping floors and surfaces dry, which prevents the growth of mould and mildew.

The SuitSpin swimwear dryer not only benefits the facilities but also helps swimmers who take advantage of its fantastic drying properties. It is safe for all swimsuit fabrics and ensures that your customers do not have to carry them around in a wet bag which could lead to damage to the swimwear through mould and mildew.

As opposed to heat, the SuitSpin uses a centrifugal force to remove 95% of water from wet swimsuits in just ten seconds.

Wet swimwear drying on a radiator

SuitSpin is an established product which has been on the market for a number of years. Fully compliant with all relevant legislation, the units are European manufactured and then stocked and supported by a dedicated team in the UK.

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SuitSpin is easy to install with various options to ensure you can site the dryer in a location that suits your facility.

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